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ProAll launched its product named Dial N Sing™ . It is the FIRST SERVICE IN THE WORLD that allows you to sing along with the music track (Karaoke) over mobile or landline phone (without you needing any jazzy gadgets or software) and listen to the recorded song with studio like effects almost instantly. The Dial N Sing™ not just records your song with the music track (Karaoke), but also does all necessary studio like settings which makes your song beautiful. With our state of the art technology, we virtually bring the best in class recording studio at your doorstep.

Your friends/relatives also can listen to your song from anywhere in the world (for which we do not charge anything to them*).


MeraTune™ - Mobile VAS product where in user can add any effect to his/her voice. Regional language Caller tune.

Subh Kaalam™ - SMS based service. User gets daily notifications about the Subh Time & Asubh Time.

Celeb Says™ - Posts/Tweets of Celebs now on your hand set.